Wednesday, April 18, 2012

eyes=the windows to your soul.. eyeBROWS!=the not to be overlooked window treatments!

eye's have oft been illustrated as the windows to ones soul.. while i'm not nearly poetic enough to describe the in such a way, i can agree, our peepers are very important features!..
 but i'm not here to talk about eyeballs.. i'm here to talk about the unsung heroes of the face.. the EYEBROWS!

even the biebs looks gosh awful CHOLOFIED!

if nothing else Mexicans are a multipurpose people.. who else would have thought to use a simple writing tool, say
a sharpie!
as a 3-in-1 miracle makeup!!

unless you're sponsered by NIKE you're eyebrows should
never. look. like. THIS

now now now.. i don't want to come accross as unfair
 & pin bad makeup application on one ethnicity..
apparently PORNSTARS can rock the 3-in-1 look as well!!

ORANGE you glad you manscaped your FACE today??
neither are we..mancard=REVOKED 

even Tim Allen has Guido problems from time to time..

now any rational person would think that eyebrows are supposed to go
ABOVE! your eyes.. not the sides of them.. dumbest. looking. eyebrows. EVER!

this girl wanted her eyebrows drawn on (& i quote) 'Right MEOW!' 
i just threw this little gem in because a. this woman is terrifying & b... she looks like our cat. COON


& these were thrown in to further horrify you & prove my point that you can be an
OUTSTANDINGLY beautiful human being
withOUT good eyebrows.. or eyebrows in any sense..  
well then go on ahead & color yourself UG-A-LAY!


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