Thursday, February 14, 2013


i want you, i need you, oh baby, oh baby

 today is once again that blasted competely arbitrary 24 hr period where people treat their significant other the way they should treat them the other 364 days of the year
(it's not like being treated well for ONE day should make up for all the other days in the year that you were treated like dog dump..slate=not clean)

now i'm not just anti-today because i don't have someone special to shower me with gifts & kiss my ass/the very ground i walk on..
no thats not it
so lets be clear that i have never understood the need to have 'today'
& most gifts fall flat in my book..

candy-seems like a bust,you just eat it & feel quilty later when your slaving away at the gym
flowers??- here let me give you a dying plant.. that was viciously assaulted so you can put it in water only to watch it slowly die (much like my feelings for you will most likely do one day)
stuffed animals-geez thanks, my dog is going to love this when i let him anhialate this & leave the fluffy guts strewn from hell to breakfast

but alas what do i know..
it still comes every year without fail
& it seems as if there is no stopping it
(if i could be the grinch of valentines day i'd do it.. i'd do it in a heartbeat.. a hummingbird heartbeat.. & those are fast)

however this year on VDay (gag)
i. wasn't. alone..
mostly due in part to the  fact i pack around a tiny human being all. the. time
so i'm NEVER alone
i mean i looked alone
fat and alone
but sometimes looking like you belong on an episode of Maury happens

in spite of today being what it was i had a pretty good one
i have my coley here :)
which means i also have muh chunkmunk on hand :) :) :)
sushi for dinner
nerds for dessert
& a footrub was my perfect nightcap

essentially i'm greatful i made it through today mostly unscathed

ps.. i know a lot of people were complaining about it being
'single-awareness day'
& to all of you i say
you have many, many other days to be aware that you are
everyday can be your 'single-awareness day' if you let it be
..your welcome..

ps.. i realize this blogpost was 'BRIEF'
 (see what i did there??)
but it kinda just felt like a short-story/written-the-day-it-was-due sorta day


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