Monday, March 7, 2011

Fresher Fares make Fast Food Franchise reign supreme!

So as many of you are aware McDonalds (fondly referred to as Micky D's) has been king of the 'fast food' mountain for.. well a long, long time.. way before this girl was born.. everytime you drive past the golden arches (yes the ones that glow brilliant yellow & make you feel your thighs expanding just by looking at them) you can clearly see the words below them boasting the fact that their chain of restaurants have served over 1 billion... ??? (it doesn't really specify what they have served but I along with the majority of the population can only assume they are talking about human beings) which okay honestly I don't really find that massive number of patrons surprising, cause think about it, they have A LOT of eateries in Asia, China more specificely, and my slanty eyed counterparts account for like half of the worlds population as a whole (okay okay that was an exageration.. but only a slight one..) whoa I have gotten way off task but now you have some back ground information & you may be surprised when I inform you that today the Greasey Goliath has been overthrown.. oh yes my friends the new supreme ruler of all things that are both food-related & speedy is none other then Jarrods baby itself.. oh yes my friends.. Subway!.. so now if you want to eat at a 'winning' franchise I suggest you go with the option to 'Eat Fresh' because we are so not 'Lovin It' anymore..


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